Our Story

Megadent was started by Eric Gaensehals and Jake Wang in Beijing, China. Eric first went to China in 2000 to attend Peking University, where he was educated in economics and quickly came to love the country. In the process, he met Jake, who had a background in international trade and operations having worked for multinationals such as Philips, Budweiser, and Toshiba. Eric’s father was a practicing dentist who taught him about the dental business growing up and Eric started noticing trends related to dental labs and demographics in the Western world. He and Jake realized by teaming their resources and backgrounds they could establish a company to supply labs with high-quality, low-priced dental restorations.

Today, their work has resulted in a fast-growing company that has made dental outsourcing effortless for labs all over the world and has exceeded expectations in quality, time, safety and service.


The highest-quality, FDA-approved materials for esthetics and safety.

Risk-Free First Shipment

We waive the minimum and provide free shipping on every first shipment of cases. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product or service, we will refund 100% provided the cases are returned.

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Call Us: 214-250-8178
Email Us: [email protected]

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