Our Facility

All of our work is done in our 10,000 square foot facility in Beijing, China. All of our technicians have completed degrees and specialized training in dental technology.

Our facility is only one of the few in Beijing to obtain the license to operate governed by the Department of Health and Beijing Municipal Drug Administration. In order to obtain this license, facilities must undergo a series of tests to ensure compliance in infection control, education and materials guidelines.

Our location in Beijing affords you faster turnaround time since Beijing is a port of entry. Therefore, processing begins the same day cases arrive and export the same day cases are finished, as opposed to labs located inland that need 1-2 extra transit days. We also have immediate access to the world’s biggest dental companies, like 3M and Hereaus, who maintain offices in Beijing and provide regular training.


The highest-quality, FDA-approved materials for esthetics and safety.

Risk-Free First Shipment

We waive the minimum and provide free shipping on every first shipment of cases. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product or service, we will refund 100% provided the cases are returned.

Contact Us

Call Us: 214-250-8178
Email Us: [email protected]

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