FedEx Dimensional Weight (DIM) Notice

FedEx calculates shipping charges based on dimensional weight (DIM), a volumetric calculation, if this value exceeds the actual weight. To avoid higher dimensional weight charges, please do the following:

1. Always use a FedEx-provided box. You can order these free of charge by calling 1-800-463-3339, or visiting your nearest FedEx Office location.

2. Avoid changing the original dimensions of the FedEx box. Even a bulge in the middle if a box is packed too tightly or not optimally will be captured by FedEx’s infrared scanners. We have attached a photo of a box that was charged a dimensional weight, as the dimensions were altered near the middle by the customer.

3. Move up one size larger FedEx box if you are unable to pack all contents without altering the box dimensions. This is almost always a cheaper alternative to a dimensional weight charge.


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